The mentoring program works alongside our downloads with the aim of having the artist gallery and exhibition ready.
By the end of the mentoring program you will have:
  • Defined your art goals.
  • Identified whether you wish to be a market or galleried artist.
  • Have a portfolio of work ready to approach galleries, enter group shows, start printing or promote via markets.
  • Have a professional online presence.
  • Have the skills to write your own artist documents.

Our mentoring program is designed to meet each individual’s needs; depending on your experience and progress, the program can be completed within a period of six to nine months with an option to extend.

Regular communication, guidance and sound boarding will form part of the program.

Enrolment is dependent on having your portfolio assessed.

Spaces are limited, as we mentor a maximum of two students per month.

We are currently fully booked until April 2019. Please fill out the form below for more information and availability.

The CC Team

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