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“One of the best decisions I have made for my artistic life was to contact the Creative Compass team. Vicki and Santie complement each other perfectly and the level of interest they take in you and your medium is outstanding. Their feedback is extremely thorough, well thought out, and is delivered in a clear, concise  and positive manor. For me, the moral support I have received from the CC team has seen me achieve results I would never have thought possible, I still cant quite believe it! I highly recommend their services, you will not regret the decision to join forces.”

Rochelle Marshall

“I was in a position where my studio was collecting cobwebs and I was doubting myself as an artist. The Mentorship programme has had a very important impact on my studio work as well as my confidence as an artist. I cannot express enough the value of working with Creative Compass as my mentors; they have been very generous with their knowledge and skills. They were very encouraging, listening and respecting my ideas and offering a personal perspective on producing a range that is both art and object with enough commercial appeal yet truly unique”.

Diane Parker

Creative Compass Mentoring Programme

The mentoring program works alongside our artist guides with the aim of having the artist gallery and exhibition ready.
By the end of the mentoring program you will have:
  • Defined your art goals.
  • Identified whether you wish to be a market or galleried artist.
  • Have a portfolio of work ready to approach galleries, enter group shows, start printing or promote via markets.
  • Have a professional online presence.
  • Have the skills to write your own artist documents.

Our mentoring program is designed to meet each individual’s needs; depending on your experience and progress, the program can be completed within a minimum period of three months and an option to extend if required.

Cost: $600 ($200 per month paid monthly in advance).

Regular communication, guidance and sound boarding will form part of the program.

Enrolment is dependent on having your portfolio assessed.

Spaces are limited, as we mentor a maximum of two students per session.

We are fully booked for 2019. Please fill out the form below for more information and availability for our 2020 program.

The CC Team

What is your current art practice or background (ie medium, field of work, full-time/part-time etc)

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