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We will review and critique:


Cost: from $35 per image – We will critique both the overall image and technique. Feedback may include: advice on technique, critique of balance and use of light, proportions, suggest other artists to review.

Introductory Letter

Cost: from $45 – Perfect your approach to galleries by having Creative Compass review both content and grammar. We will give suggestions on how to tailor your approach to individual galleries and what makes a good introductory letter.

Artist Bio

Cost: from $45 – Creative Compass will help with both writing and updating your artist bio. Your bio will be checked for relevance, tone and grammar.

Artist Statement

Cost: from $45 – Review of artist statement for individual works or solo shows.

Consignment Record

Cost: from $65 – Assistance writing your consignment records for galleries and understanding how GST and gallery commission rates will affect your pricing.

Portfolio Review

Cost: from $300 (maximum of 10 images) – Review and critique of each individual image as well as how the collection works together.

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